Helen Callier Launches PermitUsNow.com

Five Months After Completing Houston Community College’s

2016 HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition.

Helen Callier completed the 2016 HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition (BPC) in April, using the competition experience to create and refine a plan to launch and grow PermitUsNow, LLC.  In August, 2016, the company’s new website, PermitUsNow.com went live.

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Helen says, “We are life-long learners; and programs like the BPC allow our company to raise our game to another level to grow our business.”
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“I loved having my ideas challenged in training, because, through this kind of engagement, I (and others) was able to learn and seed a strong idea and plan for our business.  We did not place in the competition, but what we gained through the mentoring, insights from Jack Barry’s and Richard Tyler’s years of business experience, and turning our idea into reality were worth far more than prize money.”   HCC asked Helen to provide an overview about her business ventures and tell us more about herself.

PermitUsNow, LLC and Bradlink, LLC

PermitUsNow logo smallPermit Us Now, LLC, is an industry recognized technical services firm providing one-stop building permit expediting, consulting, project management and CADD services.  We realize that a growing amount of small to large-sized organizations want to focus on core services and use their internal design and construction staff more efficiently. We take the stress out of obtaining building permits for city, county and other jurisdictions through our tailored service packages and solutions. Our one-stop permit expediting services help you start your construction projects in a timely manner, focus staff on core services, plus save time and money.  Moruf Jimoh, Technical Permitting Manager, PermitUsNow, joined Bradlink last year and took the role of leading the PermitUsNow division this year.  We also brought on a Permit Coordinator/Junior Expediter as part of our business plan.  It was team effort in birthing PermitUsNow and it will continue to be so as we move forward.

Helen & Bradlink logoMs. Callier, is also President and Owner of Bradlink, LLC, an award winning technical services firm that provides building design, project management, construction oversight and facilities support services to government and commercial clients.  Helen is a believer in continuing to learn and remain open to new ideas to grow in business.  This mindset and behavior have been instrumental to Bradlink’s success over the past 12 years and continue to play a key role in expanding Bradlink’s services.  Helen Callier has been selected to participate in several small business training programs at Houston Community College, including the HCC Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program and the HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition.  After she finished implementing the growth plan she created in 10,000 Small Businesses, she was ready to take one idea and develop it further.  Through encouragement from another 10,000 Small Businesses graduate and BPC Alumni, she applied for the 2016 BPC.  Helen encourages others to take advantage of the opportunities and continued learning available through HCC.

Helen Callier with Bradlink employeesMore News about Helen since the Competition

  • 2016 Women Business Champion of the Year:  In May, Helen Callier won 2016 Women Business Champion of the Year at the Houston Small Business Awards hosted by the SBA and SCORE.
  • Governor’s Appointment to Texas Commission of Licensing & Regulation:  In May 2016, Governor Greg Abbott announced the appointment of Helen Callier to the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation for a term set to expire February 1, 2021.  The commission oversees the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.
  • Helen Callier Sponsors $4,000 3rd Prize in 2018 and $1,000 in Prize Money for the 2017 HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition:  “We appreciate our experience in the BPC; and we are proud to be a sponsor for the 2017 and 2018 competitions to help HCC and Newspring continue to make a difference to other small businesses.” Helen Callier and Moruf Jimoh presented the donation to Jack Barry, HCC Newspring BPC Leader, and Sandra Louvier, Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, HCC Northwest.
  • Helen was the Guest Entrepreneur Speaker at multiple Center for Entrepreneurship Workshops including Richard Tyler’s Sales Dominance Training in the Sales & Marketing Boot Camp, series seminars in 2016 and 2017 and our Location, Location, Location seminar as well.
  • Success With PermitUsNow.com Since 2016 Summer Launch – Since we launched, Permit Us Now has landed HEB as a client.  Since then, major growth has come from permitting activity in over 100 HEB projects throughout Texas and through work on retail and restaurant tenant projects at HAS and other big box stores.  We opened an office in Austin in 2017.  As of Spring 2018, PermitUsNow is ramping up to four employees in Houston, and will next add more employees in Austin.”  We are simply thrilled!

“It is inspiring to know Helen Callier and watch as her story unfolds,” says Sandra Louvier.  “Helen knows how to pursue success, because she connects to the resources around her, takes advantage of opportunity, remains humble, asks for help and makes the most of it. She seeks excellence for, and from herself, her company and her team, recognizes those who contribute to her efforts and she gives back to the community that empowers her.  We wish Helen Callier and Moruf Jimoh the best in their pursuits.  HCC stands ready to assist and looks forward to more news as they strive to expedite building and further small business growth in Houston and beyond through Bradlink, LLC and PermitUsNow.com.


Posted September 5, 2016