HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition


Entry Rules

*Note, Graduates of the HCC Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program are NOT required to take the other prerequisite class options.  Your completion of the 10,000 Small Businesses program is considered your prerequisite class.  

Who Should Apply

  • Start-Ups – Entrants who want to turn their business idea into a serious business;
  • Exiting Businesses
    • Entrants who own a business embarking upon a growth plan;
    • Entrants who own a business that needs a new course of action; or
    • Entrants whose employer needs a new business direction and/or new product line;
    • More Details on Existing Businesses.

Jack consulting

Hear from Jack Barry

Leader, HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition

2017 Competition Timeline

  • Judges 2014November 16, 2016– HCC Begins Accepting Applications
  • January 18, 2017 – Application Deadline (11:59pm)
  • April 10, 2017 – Submission Deadline for 2016 Business Plans – Online Submission Period:  April 6 – April 10, 11:55 pm.  For link to submit and guidelines, scroll down this page.
  • April 27, 2017 – Finalists present business plans to judges
  • May 2, 2017 – Winners announced and awards presented – 4pm-6pm, Trini Mendenhall Community Center, 1414 Wirt Rd.  2016 Awards Ceremony

2016 Winners!


TCC Learning won first place and was awarded $12,000 along with a $2,300 media package from Small Business Today Magazine and Talk Show.

1st place 2016 BPC JV1_6502 2nd place 2016 BPC JV1_6498
3rd Place 2016 BPC JV1_6491 Honorable Mention 2016 BPC JV1_6486

Second place winners included Energy Fundz with an $8,000 prize.  There was a tie for third place for the first time in the competition’s history with $2,500 being awarded to Ole Noe and another $2,500 to Twice Media Productions.  A $1,000 honorable mention was also awarded to True You Makeovers.

Completers 2016 Banner JV1_6509

2016 Completer Teams: Click Here for Each Team’s Business Idea, Team Lead and BPC Advisors

28-181117 2015 Completer teams HCC-4-1252
Five Teams Won Prize Money – 2015   2015 In-Kind Prize Winners
bpc winners BPC-Winners-2013
  2014 Winners  2013 Winners

BPC Alumni Testimonials and More on Past Winners

Click on each link for more on past winners and for updates on past competition teams:

2017 BPC Training Session Schedule

Newspring conducts five training sessions for contestant teams and their business advisers about the required focus and planning to write their business plans and move effectively through the competition.  These are closed sessions open only to contestants, advisers, Newspring staff and HCC’s BPC related staff. Training Sessions- Five Tuesday Evenings at HCC Spring Branch from January through March.   We also encourage teams to meet individually with their advisers before or immediately following the training sessions.

Check This BPC Webpage Regularly for Updates

Note that competition dates, rules and requirements are subject to revision.  Therefore, applicants should review rules and requirements again immediately prior to filling out the application.  Contestants accepted into the competition should also check this website regularly throughout the competition to stay updated.  Applicants should also monitor incoming email to the email address you submitted in your application for additional updates.

 Application Process – Entering the 2017 Competition

Prior to filling out the online application, the applicants should:

  • Read the Contestant Requirements
  • Read the Competition Rules
  • Prerequisite– Requirement of prerequisite class OR graduation from the HCC Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program:
    • Still need to take the class? – Register Now
    • In the application, college credit students provide Student Number; 10ksb grads, can provide COHORT Number instead of  Student Number.  Creating a Successful Business Plan Class students can input Confirmation Code instead of student number.
    • If you take Creating a Successful Business Plan (an HCC online continuing education class), type in session dates you took the class and final grade in your BPC application. (Still need it?  Sign up for an upcoming class in three minutes. Cost $109)
  • Resumes – Have electronic resumes for EACH team member ready to attach.  Upload each resume in a pdf file or word.doc file when prompted in the online application.
  • Read Tips for a Strong BPC Application– Read Tips and we recommend you get started on your answers to the on-line application by first typing them into a word.doc and saving it, so you can better write and prepare your answers before cutting and pasting into the on-line submission form, and so you will have a copy of your answers.
  • 2017 Application Deadline – January 18, 2017, 11:55pm.  We also recommend you apply early, because we will be choosing the 25 teams for the 2017 competition throughout January up through and just after the application deadline.
  • 2017 HCC Newspring BPC Application – Online Submission Form

Downloadable Flyers & More on Competition Advisors

For Downloadable Flyers and for More on the Competition Advisors:

2017 Business Plan Submission Process

Written Plans will be uploaded by using the green link below from April 6 through April 10, 2017 for the 2017 Competition:

  • Plans will only be accepted from contestant teams who were accepted into the 2017 HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition in January 2017.  Those contestants taking the required class concurrently should also be actively participating and engaged in the class or have completed it if it has ended.
  • Plans must be submitted by 11:55 pm April 10, 2017.
  • CLICKABLE LINK – Online Submission Form to Submit Written Plan for 2017 HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition  
  • READ To Ensure Your Submission is Successful When your online submission is accepted, our system will send an automatic acknowledgement email to the email address you input into the form. If your business plan is successfully attached to this email, then the HCC Newspring BPC has also received your submitted plan.   If your full business plan is not attached to this acknowledgement email, then you should submit again using the online link above until your acknowledgement email does include your full business plan as an attachment or attachments. 
    We recommend documents less than 5MB.  Although our system might accept a larger file, our use of your submitted file for internal reviewing requires files of 5MB.  If you must split your plan into more than one file, for example, Appendix is a separate file, that is acceptable. 
  • We will contact you at the email address you input into the submission form if we have questions or wish to speak with you regarding the documents we have received.

For more information about the competition, e-mail c4e@hccs.edu or call (713) 718-6650.